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The beginnings of Russian Studies in Rzeszów date back to 1965 when the Department of the History of Russian Literature was founded. In 1981, the Department became the Institute of Russian Philology. Starting from October 1st 2010 Institute of Russian Philology was transformed into the Department of Russian Studies.

Currently, the Department of Russian Studies conducts extensive research in the following Sections:

The main areas of research include, among other things, romantic non-traditional genres; romantic lyrics, Tyutchev’s school in Russian Literature, P. Viazemsky’s poetry, F. Glinka’s lyrics, A. Tolstoy's early literary output; comparative constructions in Russian and Polish, Russian-Polish syntax of multipredicative sentence, parsing in Russian and Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish lexical systems in diachronic perspective, speech act of consent in Polish, Russian and English; foreign language listening comprehension skills; the analysis of language teaching mistakes made by teachers during foreign language lessons; teaching Russian in the reformed school; autonomisation in foreign language teaching at philological level (the Russian language material); optimalisation of foreign language teachers' education (Russian studies); optimalisation of teaching Russian at the college/university level; memory perfection in the teaching and learning a foreign language process; teaching business Russian at Russian studies.

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